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Vauxhall Opel Corsa C 1.3 CDTI Y13DT Z13DT


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This ECU is prone to water damage,once dampness has reached the internal circuit board you find numerous faults accuring, that maybe removed via diagnostics but will return, we at blue hawk electronics have our own dedicated test rig that will  run a full test and show us which circuits are at fault, we then repair damaged to circuit board test and re lacquer circuit board and spray & seal casings to look like new with one year warranty. If we can’t managed to repair your own we will supply an exchange unit (plug and play) with all your information chassis number.

  • + injector coding etc.
    List of Common Faults
    No communication
    Fan relay faults 1,2,3
    5 volt reference fault
    Main relay fault
    N0.1 Injector Fault
    N0.2 Injector Fault
    N0.3 Injector Fault
    N0.4 Injector Fault
    analog to digital convertor fault

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